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Dulux embarrassingly troll Tottenham after being unveiled as ‘official paint supplier’

What’s worse than Tottenham announcing that they have a new ‘official paint supplier’?

That same supplier choosing to publicly troll them just minutes after seeing the deal is confirmed.

Spurs took to their website to unveil a partnership with Dulux, who have been given the totally necessary honour of supplying all the paint Spurs will use over the next few years, and they were probably really happy with the whole agreement.

And then they checked social media…

One user joked that Dulux could provide the paint for the cabinet, which has not seen a new trophy since the 2008 League Cup, and incredibly, Dulux joined in on the banter by posting an ‘advert’ for an unused trophy cabinet with Spurs’ crest on it…nice one…

On top of silverware digs, Dulux joked that they’d have to wipe away all the dust before painting the cabinet and even claimed that the famous Dulux dog would do a better job at centre-back than Jose Mourinho’s current crop of defenders.

Just because Mourinho likes throwing centre-backs Davinson Sanchez, Eric Dier, Joe Rodon and Toby Alderweireld under the bus, that doesn’t mean it’s okay. You know, unless that bus is a lovely shade of Duck Egg Blue.

What has come of the world? If you can’t trust your own official paint supplier, who can you trust?

The partnership with Dulux is designed to give Spurs a ‘competitive edge’, with the right colour scheme seen as the key to success in both football and interior decorating – two very similar fields.

The stadium might look pretty, but was it all worth the dent in Spurs’ ego?

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