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101 best & funniest Euro 2020 Fantasy Football team names

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

Now that the Fantasy Premier League season is over, FPL lovers have a new tournament to plan for: Euro 2020.

UEFA have recently released the free-to-play Euro 2020 Fantasy Football game.

We’ve previously spoken to Fantasy Football expert, Tom, AKA Who Got The Assist?, to discuss how the Euro 2020 Fantasy Football rules differ to FPL, while also considering some top picks for the competition.


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A good Euro 2020 Fantasy Football team name is vital

We all know that team names are a vital part of the fantasy football fun, so we’ve decided to come up with a top 101 list of team names for the upcoming European Championships.

These are team names we’ve selected with a special Euro 2020 focus. Including many of the players that will be appearing at the tournament and that we will be obsessing over.

Some classics fantasy football names are also in the list as well as many originals that you’ll only find here.


101 best & funniest Euro 2020 Fantasy Football team names

1. The Tortoise and De Gea

2. The Big Lewandowski

3. Batshuayi Crazy

4. Game of Stones

5. Who Ate All Depays

6. Thomas Muller Corner

7. Unbelievable Bentekkers

8. Lallanas in Pyjamas

9. Benteke Fried Chicken

10. Boom Xhakalaka

11. Klopps n Robbers

12. Giroud Let the Dogs out

13. Absolutely Fabregas

14. Men Behaving Chadli

15. The Balotelli-tubbies

16. Neville Wears Prada

17. Lloris the Hounds

18. One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest

19. Neuer Gonna Give You Up

20. Kroos Control

21. Tea & Busquets

22. No Kane, No Gain

23. Lacazette dello Sport

24. Put a Dendonck on It

25. Dukes of Hazard

26. Earth, Wind & Maguire

27. No Weimann No Cry

28. Le Saux Solid Crew

29. Egg Fried Reus

30. Fun Lovren Criminals

31. Enter Shaqiri

32. Gylfi Pleasures

33. Bayer Neverlusen

34. Moves like Agger

35. 2 Goals 1 Cup

36. Pique and De Bruyne

37. Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels

38. Can of Koke

39. Citizen Kane

40. The Philosophy of Kante

41. Whats Love Gotze Do?

42. Bale and Pace

43. Chiellini Con Carne

44. Sterling Silva

45. Bangers and Rashford

46. Xhaka Khan

47. Hazard Lights

48. When Harry Met Alli

49. Zlat’s All Folks

50. SugarKane

51. Silence Of The Lahms

52. Rolls Reus

53. Making Emile of It

54. Why So Serie A?

55. Kantean Physics

56. Batman For Evra

57. Gangsta’s Allardyce

58. 50 Shades Of O’Shea

59. Fiorentina Turner

60. Take Me To De Gea Bar

61. SheWasOnlyXI

62. A Song of Ice & Dier

63. Where Divock is Origi?

64. Out on Bale

65. Pepe Show

66. Luke KyleWalker

67. Stranger Mings

68. Tinky Winky Dipsy Lallana Poe

69. I don’t Drinkwater

70. Jar of Hart

71. Dolce and Lallana

72. Neves Say Never

73. 420BlaiseMatuidi

74. ImLovrenIt

75. Fornals Attire

76. Smalling than you

77. Insigneture


79. Pique My Interest

80. You Petr Cech Yourself

81. Down to Chiellini

82. Arda Than You

83. Man of the Mats

84. Draft or Pique

85. Haven’t Jota Clue

86. Top Dier

87. Bernd Notice

88. King Kane

89. Alba and the 40 Speeds

90. It’s all Aritz

91. Kroosin like Toni

92. Hip Hip Payet

93. Blaise Everydays

94. Who Gives a Hitz

95. Werner’s Originals

96. Curious Jorginho

97. Gylfi as Charged

98. Smack my Klich up

99. Castagne Now, You Castagne

100. SupercalifragilisticexpiAlioski

101. Eden Fuchs your Nani

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